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Kamino Range Firing line glitch
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On the Kamino Firing Range line, after having a fire fight, some (sometimes all) or the of the firing trenches may glitch and point straight down into the ground. This does not always occur but is fairly easy to reproduce. (happens roughly 3 out of 4 times). Screenshot attached for clarification. {F17776}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the editor
  2. Place 1 blufor rifle squad at the firing line of the Kamino Range Firing line.
  3. Place 2 or more opfor rifle squads roughly 400m Northwest away from the blufor squad
  4. Set a waypoint for the opfor squads to move towards and attack the blufor.
  5. Once the firefight is over, some of the trenches may be pointing into the ground.

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