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Game sessions freezes
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I think its when people log on in or out.


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Game Freezes
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just play

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Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

When reporting crash in MP ,
please state TYPE and NAME of the MISSION/MOD you are playing, how many players were playing at the time etc. Try to provide as much info as possible.
If the crash is happening when playing custom MAP/MOD,try to reproduce the crash also on our official Arma III missions.
I recommend (prior to contacting us using the Feedback Tracker ) contacing the creator of MAP/MOD.

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mission file is Wasteland, i play around 20-30 people servers. I will work on getting they data files down to 500kb, how do you find the creator of the mod?

You can for example use Google search ;)

Closing as this is really a duplicate to bunch of Wasteland related bugs.