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Game crash on mission preview
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Edited mission with around 30 or so civilians crashed after about 10 minutes of flying around them {F17761}


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Unable To Duplicate
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

add in around 30 men/civvys in editor
add chopper as player
fly around the civilians

Additional Information

no addons
no dev branch

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Unable to reproduce.
Can you attach repro mission please?

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Hi Astaroth. Just went to recreate this and after the update that steam applied I can no longer recreate the crash with the mission I had saved. I even increased to 160 civs at one point, all in a tight space, but to no avail. I also noticed that the previewed mission was now smoother on startup. Previously the game ran at 1 or 2 fps once loaded, (I assume while assets were buffered) and then after about 15 seconds things were normal again. but it's a lot smoother now

Thx for info, so I close for now.