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AI taking cover and kneeling while stationary
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Watching the AI start moving on safe mode one by one with a set interval is very much like what I learned in my conscription days, but with a couple of exceptions.
First of all, shouldn't they be taking a knee when not moving? This feels like such a common sense thing out in the field. If you're not going forward, you're going downward.
Second, it would be great if the AI would check for air cover within a few meters when not moving and go there to wait instead. As it is now, they're kind of standing whereever.

Of course, this kind of behaviour might not be desirable in every situation so there would have to be a way to toggle it, but it's th little things that increase the AI's survivability by quite a bit.
It should also be noted that all this only applies to the "safe" behaviour mode. Maybe a more aware behaviour could be made that still marches the same way?


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