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When i die on any server in multiplayer i imeadiately respawn directly on top of my old body.
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No matter what server im on for no matter what mod or mission file,when i die i imeadiately respawn on my old body.


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1.Die 2.Die 3.Die

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This is a mission maker issue, caused by lack of scripts on the mission in question and not an issue with the game itself.

Note that this changes from mission to mission, and thus is not a problem with ARMA.

Well even when playing the default Ecsape From Stratis and ANY other mission file that is on multiplayer this happens.

Hm, thats weird.

Try to verify integrity of cache in STEAM and see if that fixes the problem.

I'm sorry for being so blatant about it, I've encountered this in many missions myself and everytime it had been a mission issue. Can't figure out how it's even possible in any other way but I do believe you.

Try verify and repair, then if it works or not, update with a note.

Thank you it worked perfectly!And no problem about being blatant i totally understannd

Maybe you could make a forum post about it with solution, if someone else is having the same problem.

Glad it worked out for you.