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Arma 3 crashing
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Arma 3 will run and then randomly but usually on the receiving data loading bar for multiplayer it will completely freeze the only way to get rid of it is to open task manager and close it from there. it only happens with arma 3 not arma 2 or OA or any other game i play normally i would say its a problem with my pc but since it only happens with arma 3 i suspect its a game issue


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no idea

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Was just about to make a new thread when I saw this one, I just got home and decided to play a few matches and about 15 minutes into the first one it crashes when I go on a customisation screen for a gun. Then I join another server and this time it crashes on the loading screen. I'm not sure but has there been any kind of new patch for Arma 3?

Just started having this issue too, crashing on loading screen.

Just to update - Updated to new AMD beta drivers this has fixed the issue, as far as I know.

I have an integrated card do you know how i could update the drivers it's intel hd 4000

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you guys need to upload the crashing reports and the dxdiag file, read the "how to guide" (button in the upper right corner)

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Visit the Intel website and search for drivers?

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I'm having these too! aargh

I get this problem on a AMD 7770 as well as on a EVGA 680.

The not being able to alt-tab is because you need to have another window open in the background to alt-tab out.

The crash seems to be only in certain gamemodes so I have a feeling it has something to do with the mods.

ok i just updated my drivers let's see how this goes

Zombo there is no crash report it just completely freezes up and you have to manually close it with task manager

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there will be report files safed, just read the god damn how to guide

every session you start is completely written down basically, no matter if it crashes or if you stop it via task manager

After updating my drivers it works fine from what i can tell

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This is happening to me but please pay attention to when it is happening to you. Only happens to me, so far anyways, when I am playing Wasteland mod

Benny, go here

You need to include all files (not folders btw, just files) inside the Arma 3 folder in the App data folder. Your dxdiag and any other info you can think of. Your report is kind of light mate

ya i dont have a file in my appdata labeled local so there si no reports because they are located in local

Oh dear god. Read the bloody how to please. Its not local inside app data its the other way around. And 1000's of people can find it so its there. Just read the guide ffs Pretty much the same thing happens to me, except I've uploaded the files.

Only crashing when connecting to MP games

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