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Limited view while landing helicopter
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When you're in a decelating attitude with a helicopter, so that's with the nose up. It's nearly impossible to see where you're going, or where you're landing.
In real life a pilot would lean forward to look over the nose to actually see something.

I think there should really be a button that would lean the pilot forward, so you can look over the nose and see where you're landing. This way you can make a nice and fast tactical approach and landing.


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1)Fly in a helicopter, inbound to an LZ
2)Decelerate (nose up attitude of 5 degrees up or more
3)See nothing of the LZ.....
4)Come to a hover, look where you are, and find your landing spot.... (shouldn't be like this)

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They already have a Head Forward/Backward axis (along with horizontal and vertical movement) available from TOH, would be nice if it was enabled in the ArmA 3 helis though.

It is..sort of, a bit more limited but you can use it in the H-9's, hold ctrl+shift and move the mouse forward...not availible in the ka-60 saddly.