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Resolution switching from 1080p to 1080i resulting in whashed out texts and graphics
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Everytime i start the game, the resolution switches from 1080p to 1080i resulting in washed out texts (ingame and steam-overlay) and graphics ingame

As soon as i quit, i have to restore the "normal" picturesize (1080p) manually.



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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Start game
2.) Steam popup-overlay has got a washed out text (it's the first you see)
3.) Open Steam overlay to see "the full gore"

Additional Information

Videocard: ATi Radeon HD 4890, 1gb
Monitor: Samsung Sync Master P2470LHD
Video driver version (packet):
Catalyst-Version: 13.1

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Restoring the picturesize back after quitting the game has vanished after regedit-changes to get the defaultoverscaling = 0%.

Another guess: If the graphics card and TV-Resolution isn't the same (e.g. Overscaling set to 0% to fill up the sceen), the game's resolution forces the TV to switch to 1080i resulting in the error stated.

But black-borders arent shown ingame - thats weird somehow.

Maybe someone with a TV as display and similar graphiccard can comment on this?

I'm sorry but i don't have this Issue with my tv 1920x1080p/1080i sorry!

What graphiccard have you got?
Under non-game condition do you have the overscale set to 0% or does the graphic output of your card fit your screen completely?

I have a similar issue, but not exactly as you achieved it. when I force refresh rate on TV/graphic card or even in ARMA config file to 30hz, the colour and image looks like crap. Basically 1080i.

When I run the game in 1080p then it all looks great but I am capped at 30frames. But it is a very choppy 30frames. If i drop the resolution, then I get smooth frames up to 60, even if it drops to 30, its still smooth and not choppy at all.

What I dont get though is, I dont mind the 30 frames, because 30 frames on xbox is pretty smooth, but also if I run other games that allow to set resolution scaled with refresh rate for exampl 1920x1080@30hz or 1920x1080@60hz, then the 30frames is smooth, and image is still great.

My problem really is that I would like to force arma to run 30 frames at any resolution, because the game seems to vary in frames drops quite frequently, and dropping from as high as mid 50's to 30-31-35fps is very noticable and annoying, however the ability to force the game to run at 30fps, I imagine will be 90% effective to cure the lag of heavy frame drop, unless it drops below 25 of course.

Also I dont get why if I run ARMA at full 1080p it is capped at 30hz, a horrifically choppy 30fps, but any other game will run 1080p at 60hz.

And if not too much to ask, will it be possible to allow us to choose our resolutions alligned with refreshrate? For example being able to choose between 1920x1080@30hz or 1920x1080@60hz, or should I make a seperate ticket for this?

TV is Samsung 32" 5series(forgot the model)
Nvidia GTX660 (non-Ti)

TVs suck as monitors mainly because of incomplete EDID info that varies from one unit to the other. However it always leads to the same set of problems, though success in fixing them isn't always guaranteed.

One fix that I've always had goo luck with; Make a custom resolution profile for 1920x1076 or something similar and use that instead of standard 1080p modes. Drivers treat that differently, and will resolve just about all TV related BS like this. It should solve framerate locks, overscan/underscan issues, and your interlacing (1080i) problems.

For AMD: Pull up vision control center, go to digital flat panels tab, and click "HDTV Support". Click "Add" and set it to "1920x1076"

I don't remember the process for the original CCC, or nvidia. However it should be easy to find it on Google.

I used the worst TV ever made as a monitor for 18 months. Keeping that thing working was a constant wrestling match and I've come to learn just about every hacky fix out there.

Fullscreen-mode doesn't produce washed out texts in steam overlay and ingame anymore.