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Green flamable barrels falling down wrong
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It seems like these green barrels everywhere having a messed up fall down animation when you shoot them, instead of being a physical prop, they just animate like they fall, sometimes even half under the ground.

Also, I'm not even sure this type of barrels do fall from a bullet shot. They usually explode or if it's not containing anything explosive, just get pierced by a bullet. {F17627}


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Shoot in some of them at the airfield area

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Voting down because of the completely wrong priority and severity class, this should be low / minor instead of high / major. Please reserve the major severity class to game-breaking bugs, this is just a visual glitch and thus minor issue with low priority.

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You didn't have to vote down, because of priority, developers created different categories for that purpose, assuming that my category is "Visual-Environment" it's a pretty major bug in that area....

Could you add screenshot?

Done! Screenshot is up!

This was fixed