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Game Crash at BI logo at startup
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Game crashes at startup at "Bohemia Interactive presents" with "Arma3.exe has stopped working" {F17620} {F17621} {F17622}


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Not A Bug
Game Crash
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Start game

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Graphics drivers are up to date, verified files via steam
tried deleting profiles and appdata files
issue first showed up when I clicked on controls in main menu after installing FreeTrack (was able to play after the installation but before going to controls tab)

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I'm also having problems with A3 when FreeTrack is launched. The game crashes at "Bohemia Interactive presents" if Freetrack is launched and the game is started the first time since I've turned my computer ON. Next times I launch Arma the crash doesn't happen. Actually, I've got exactly the same problem in Arma 2. I hoped that the situation would change in Arma 3, but as I see it hasn't.

Actually, for me it crashes every time, also when freetrack is closed.
Edit: Arma 2 OA is crashing, too, so it probably is a conflict with freetrack

I tried uninstalling FreeTrack, and Arma starts properly again. So it's definitely a conflict between Arma and FreeTrack.

I found the SOLUTION: In the FreeTrack program folder, create a new file "TrackIRHaiku" with the content:
DllSignature=precise head tracking
put your head into the game
now go look around

Copyright EyeControl Technologies
AppSignature=hardware camera
software processing data
track user movement

Copyright EyeControl Technologies

(the weppage uses the format code from the ini, i uploaded the correct one)

After that, both Arma 2 and 3 started properly and allowed me to customize the FreeTrack and TrackIR interfaces. (I think the first time I had to copy the ini into the Arma 2 folder, not sure on this as now it works using only the one in the FreeTrack folder)

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On the first launch A2/A3 always crashes when Freetrack is run for the first time (FT is run before A2/A3, or FT is closed and re-started).

For A2 I was told that it was a problem with the FT API, but I do not have this issue in dozens of other games I play. It also showed up in a forum post.

PS3 Eyetoy with CL (did this with other versions of the CL Eye driver
as well)

FreeTrack is officialy not supported in Arma III. IF you encouter any issues using FreeTrack software, please contact FreeTrack developers.

Thank you