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Player controls not disabled when typing in chatbox
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I own a Logitech K800, so not sure if that's related because my friend doesn't have the issue, but this doesn't happen in ArmA 2. When I type, the player still moves around, so when I hit 'o' it shows the watch, and when I hit 'E' it leans my character and it does this for everything. It seems that typing in the chatbox doesn't have the player controls disabled.


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Type in chatbox

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Reproduced, Microsoft Sidewinder X4 here. Makes chatting in MP pretty impossible because especially E and Q are very lethal when your character leans or rolls out of the cover. Also other stuff (compass, clock etc.) is activated.

Win 7 64-bit and Alpha v0.50.102517 here, I'm using development build though so no idea why the version number is same than before.

EDIT: Duplicate with

I can confirm this.

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I've had the issue as well.

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Same here also using development build and yea almost a week now and no patch......

Be patient.

Thanks Ezcoo!