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INFINITE CRASH gtx 670 jetstream - win8 64bit on ssd -dual core 4ghz- 6 ddr2
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infantry: the mission is loaded almost entirely, then the game crashes before you can click "Continue"
Scuba: the mission loads, I can click "continue" but after 15 seconds of the game .. crashes.
Vehicles: Scuba same thing, but after 4 seconds.
Helicopter: you can play ... the only mission that works. {F17553} {F17554}


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Not A Bug
Game Crash
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To reproduce the error, I have not done anything special .. I just pressed start game on steam. But I expected it to work.
I was not able to join a multiplayer server .... I have not tested yet.

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I tried a lot of configurations, with overclocking ..... without overclocking, updating drivers and also doing the downgrade ...

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also the multiplayer always crashes.

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did you try to reinstall the game or check the files over steam?

also, post your dxdiag and crash report, click the "how to guide" in the upper right corner to see how

I uploaded system spec...

I didnt reinstalled...What do you mean by "check the files over steam?"

Reinstalled... Now it's ok... All run without crash...