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Vehicle damage - wheels and burned out model
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The vehicle damage as it is is pretty rudimental and not very satisfying.

For instance: The model of a destroyed vehicle is plain black.

Sadly - this is the worst kind of "destruction model" there can be.

This was allready a concern in Arma 2 and I hope that this is only a "work in progress".

Now before I suggest a solution for this I want to give you the advise that there for sure are MANY people in the community that would be actually willing to help you create new fitting textures for destroyed vehicles, Me for example;)

Apart from that: You allready got fitting models in your game! There are several "destroyed jeeps" allready on stratis. Why dont you use these models for the destruction? ACE allready did that with the T72 tanks in Arma2 and it looked comparable great!

So what would be the most simple solution to this?

Instead of leaving the textures all black - create some "destroyed metal" textures which fit the vehicle.

That would look great!

Another big aspect is the "destroyed wheel"

Seriously - when you shoot a wheel the wheel wont disappear^^

How about leaving the wheel but creating a "several damaged" texture to it?

That would look way better in my opinion.

Here are some example pics of destroyed humvees. Look how the metal stills looks painted and not all black and burned.

here we got a good example of how a shot tire may look:

And this indeed is a burned out jeep - still not all black!

I hope you can improve this! As I said - I am willing to help!

In best regards


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Destroy any vehicle and watch how black and unnatural the result looks=(

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Version 0.5.102571

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JNC added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 11:40 PM

Totally agree! Current damage system (pretty much everything, not just visual) is very basic.

help us BI, you're our only hope !

JNC added a comment.Mar 10 2013, 1:15 AM

indeed, thx!

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