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1st person vehicle weapons are almost useless
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in 1st person the weapons
on the hunter the thermal imager is too small to use and very slow,even when zeroed correctly the crosshair is off
on the irfit their are similar problems, except their is no crosshair
on the patrol boat the screen is so low in your field of view that one has to hold freelook to use it


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go to gunner's seat in a vehicle in 1st person

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You should learn your controls. Switch your optics mode to change the perspective to be actually IN the gun cam. Should be "0" on your NUM pad.

Thanks, the vehicle control manual thing said lctrl+richtclick
so maybe they should change that

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You can also just hold RMB and you will kinda lean down to the screen but not "go into gun cam"

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The PiP screens are only for visual immersion, for effective use you need to go in scope mode/gun cam by pressing 0

Also, try increasing the PiP quality in the game options.

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug. Like guys above said, use gun cam by pressing "0" button.