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MORTAR :not possible to move the crosshair vertical in 3d person view
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When entering mortar and switch to 3d pers. the crosshair is pointing in to the sky. It is possible to move the crosshair in horizantal 0-360° but not in vertical.
But im general im wonder that the 3d person view is like a first person view without the scope and any information. Which would be "if even working" like hitting by luck.
A normal 3d person view like unsed for vehicles would be more helpfull.
(overview of the near environment, impacts would be visible for a range of some km)


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just use mortar

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This is identical to the mortars in Arma 2. I guess it's not really an issue, since you're supposed to use the Artillery Computer you can access via the mouse wheel.

Yes you are right, usually you use the cumputer because it makes the life easier.
dont think you can hit something by 3d person view, but in general there is something wrong with 3d person controls.
just wanted to notice.

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More importantly, the mortar available in the a3 alpha has an optics view, allowing "direct" fire on line-of-sight targets.

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