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Arma III + Fraps = Blackscreen
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so if you have fraps open and you run arma 3 the game wont start


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close fraps run again and the game starts normal.

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fraps works as usual for me, can not repeat issue

Try to run fraps and then run the game.

I cannot reproduce it either. I run Fraps, I run Arma 3 with Fraps still running, everything works.

can't confirm, fraps+arma works perfect

Cant reproduce - any way tried, no black screen, and both fraps and arma ran flawless (as flawless as arma is able to in alpha stage that is)

Arma III + Fraps runs without issue, we were unable to reproduce.
I recommend you updating to the newest version of Fraps.
Also check your pc for any unwanted programs.

This is not Arma III related issue. Closing