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A bug I found at Kamino Firing Range with the fire pos'
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I missfired at the gunrange as I wanted to see how that area looked as and I hit one of the things you lay down on to get a more stable firepos IRL.
And it just flipped and you could walk right through them, shoot through them.
But they only went that way when you shot at them with a gun, I tried this by throwing HE Grenades at them to see if they behaved the same way.
They didnt.
I did record this and here is the addres for my video
Also my friend found a bug also which I sent into the webbsite also

Also I noticed that if you stand behind them you can see through them, but if you stand infront of them you cant see through them.
They give no sort of cover at all, tried shooting through them and the bullets did go through.


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Go into the Editor, place any type of unit which has a gun to a gunrange., chopper or car doesnt matter, if they got any type of bullet they will flip. Tried with an AH-9, fired bullets at them and DAGRs. They only flipped when bullets inpacted them.
Explosives dosen't work at all.

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I confirm this. My friend called me over and when i ran to him he showed me that if you shoot the firing positions, they flip over.

Please change reprodubility to always, i hereby also comfirm this issue occurs in multiplayer.

Another confirmation.

and another

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Roytjb thats the problem, dont know how to change it.
Tested this alot and saw that everytime a bullet impact them they flip.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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