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MH-9 Transport Unload seems broken in Editor
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Setting up a simple heli pickup and drop-off in Mission Editor for MH-9 and BLUFOR fireteam.

Expected Action:
The pilots and fireteam members get in the MH-9, are flown to the destination LZ and unloaded. The MH-9 returns to start and pilots disembark.

Actual Action:
The pilots and fireteam get in MH-9 and fly to the 'Move' waypoint preceeding the 'Transport Unload' waypoint and hover there indefinitely.

This works perfectly when setting up for OPFOR and using the KA-60 and a fireteam or rifle squad, just not for MH-9 and BLUFOR regardless of where waypoints are placed.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Open the Editor (for SP mission)
2 - Add an empty MH-9 (eg. at the LZ in the Southwest of Stratis map)
3 - Add 2 pilots a few meters away from the MH-9
4 - Add a waypoint 'Move' near the heli, then a 'Get In' on the MH-9
5 - Next, add a 'Load' waypoint, then a 'Move' one to another point a few clicks away on the map followed by a 'Transport Unload' near a destination LZ, then another 'Move' back near the starting point and finally a 'Get out' at the LZ
6 - Add a fireteam and place near heli
7 - Set a 'Move' waypoint near the heli followed by a 'Get in' next to the 'Load' waypoint. Synch the two up
8 - Place a 'Get out' waypoint next to the 'Transport Unload' waypoint and synch the two up

Additional Information

Last tested 08-Mar-13

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[EDIT 10-Apr] Even with helipads placed I am still experiencing inconsistent outcomes with the MH-9 as reported by others elsewhere]

I 'fixed' this by placing the invisible helipad next to the unload waypoint (duh!)

This can be found in the editor under:

empty, signs, helipad(invisible)

Drop-offs work nicely now.

This issue should be resolved now.