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Player submerges too slowly in SCUBA mission
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When playing the SCUBA mission, if you break the surface of the water or even when you first enter the water, it is more difficult than it should be IMO to get submerged. It's like you have to force the character under the surface. And several times I've tried just aiming down, or holding the down key, only to have the animation show my arm out in front of me stiff as a board and then I just glide along the surface.


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Steps To Reproduce

Play the SCUBA mission from the start.
Enter the water.

Additional Information

This seems minor and probably is, but try dodging gunfire from the docks when your character refuses to submerge out in deep water. Makes it rather frustrating. Or try sneaking up to the docks to exit the water only to be caught with your arm out and trying to submerge. You, as a SEAL type of soldier, should be able to slowly exit the water with no sound, and dissappear into it fast, without much of a trace at all.

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You can submerge easily by aiming down

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