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actual mission target is barely visible on the battlefield
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The actual Mission Target is barely visible on the HUD. It is just an light gray Spot in the enviroment. That should be better visible to improve usability for the players.


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Also nice: Automaticly switch to the next Mission Target

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Agreed. I have to turn until the waypoint is offscreen and find it on the edge, then follow it as I turn back. I can't find it even if I'm looking right at it.

Definitely needs to be darker or something, maybe a slight shadow or outline.

Ability to modify the color of those elements would be nice too, but second the shadow or outline idea.

You can edit the colors. Go to Options > Game > Colors

Make sure ingame is selected. Edit the colors. Warning (which I believe is default white) I think is the one that controls waypoint colors. I'm probably wrong. But find which one it is, edit it.

Basically, my waypoints and crosshair are the colors traditional of the earlier games, a darker yellow, with slight orange. A restart is required after each apply however.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.