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AI convoy suffer poor pathing when moved as a group
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When giving a group of vehicles the order to move to a location, the result is frequently messy.

  • If one vehicle gets slightly out of formation, which happens a lot, all vehicles will drive slowly due to this.
  • Vehicles often randomly swerve on and off the road.


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission with several manned cars.

Selecting all of them as a group give them the order to move to another point further up the road.

Additional Information
  • If the player is inside one of the vehicle as a passenger, the AI seems twice as responsive to orders. This causes the issue of the vehicle in the convoy that contains the player likely to get very out of sync with the others.
  • This might be related to pathing on roads. AI finds all manor of weird and wonderful ways to get somewhere when offroad, when it tries to stick to roads is when the craziness occurs.
  • If you select each driver individually with the corresponding F-key and give them a quick succession of individual orders. The resulting 'convoy' is much more efficient at reaching it's destination, but obviously can suffer from issues in regards to how cohesive it remains whilst getting there.

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I know it's alpha and all but this problem is ancient and still not fixed,I do hope this time BI actually bothers to fix the AI driving in convoy.You don't have any excuse anymore with the AI limitation in the 2013.
Wish I could vote this 100 times over.

It's a very common and annoying issue. How many times, while playing as a leader for an AI squad, I managed to acquire a number of armed vehicles, to increase our firepower, and getting anywhere with them was a nightmare.

It was the worst with the most useful (in theory) formation for this purpose: column and compact column. The most problems were encountered when making the turns. Instead of following the tracks of the leader, AI drivers were cutting corners and creating havoc in the process.

Make AI follow its predecesor in formation, rather than all following the leader OR make leader to be dropping automatically a series of invisible waypoints along his path, for the AI to follow precisely, instead of homing onto the leader at all times, like it's doing now. Think of real GPS track feature here.

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