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Helo's have to much acceleration.
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The helicopters have too much acceleration making them really hard to control especially when trying to shoot some troops on the ground.


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You just need to use slight adjustments like in a real aircraft. It's hard to fly with a keyboard, if you're using that. ArmA 2 aircraft were way too stable, IMO. I like the new feel.
Also, I felt the larger chopper actually felt really sluggish, but I only flew in that one very briefly.

Watch some videos of real helos in the field. Sure they aren't F1 cars but they respond faster than A2 had them. As someone who's flown choppers quite a lot in ArmA games I think the new flight model works rather well and is much more realistic. Though, I will say that there still doesn't seem to be the feel of mass changing direction if you pivot the nose up and down while in a hover. It feels more like my RC chopper.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as designed.