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Ingame and menu UI needs to be adjustable for eyefinity users
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With AMDs eyefinty bezel correction the ingame hud and out of game\editor menus are not visible because they are in behind the monitor bezels. This was solved in other games by making the UI size and position user adjustable. Please implement a similar control system so I can see all of the onscreen information! {F17407} {F17408} {F17409}


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IIRC there will be a Take On Helicopters like UI customization.
You will be able to move stuff around, change colors and so on.

/Upvoted anyways because in the current stage, it IS a problem

The game now implements user customizable positions for interface elements.

Please confirm that this solves the problem as I do not have access to the multimonitor setup.

The in-game interface is fine now with the user being able to reposition them but the out of game menus and the editor menus are still clipped behind the monitor bezels.

Other games allow the outside edges of the menus to be moved. Much the same as resizing a desktop window. (not to the same extent of course) Could something similar be implemented in this case?

Ringo added a comment.Oct 21 2013, 9:17 AM

One thought would be to have a video option that lets you set the resolution of your center screen as to indicate the boundaries for game menus and editor ditos.

E.g I have three monitors with resolution 1920x1200 setup in eyefinity. With bezel correction I'm running at 6048x1200. Normally Arma3 sees this as every screen beeing 2016x1200 which is obviously not the case.

If I could tell the game that my primary monitor estate was the center 1920x1200, and that the game needs to keep menus within this boundary I think that would help. It is of course nice that you can drag HUD elements around and place them wherever you'd like, this proposition is only for the fixed menus.