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Team switch dialog enables exploitation
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In missions that use team switch, selecting another unit and pressing "view" will spawn a camera a few meters off the ground and the camera will target that unit. In multiplayer missions, this is a loophole that effectively enables short-range UAV scouting of nearby enemies in CQB situations. Not to mention that the whole view doesn't make sense when the dialog window is obstructing the actual unit that is supposed to be viewed, or that the view wouldn't serve any positive gameplay purpose in any case.

Additionally, the team switch map shows the precise location of the player and any unit listed in the dialog even if the player doesn't have a map on his person or he can't see his or anyone else's location on his normal map. That is a liability in missions where you're not really supposed to know those things.

The issues would be fixed by getting rid of the map and the view button, and in the process more horizontal space could be given for the unit names so that longer group names and unit classes wouldn't get cut off.


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Press U in a mission with additional playable units on the same side.

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