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GMG grenades are too weak
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GMG grenades dont seem to have framgmentation simulation or it is just too weak, as the grenade has to land right on top of the enemy to kill him.


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Put any AI, get in a car with the GMG. Fire at them and try hitting the grenades in the ground at different distances from them.

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Wikipedia says this about the 40mm Mk19 grenades (the GMG ones should be very similar):

"Upon impact, the grenade can kill anyone within the radius of five meters, and wound them within the radius of 15 meters."

That is the same lethal and wounding radius as the thrown M67. Those values should be used for the grenades in the game as well.

Agree. And i think the current explosion graphics are just placeholders. I hope they are.

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They seem overpowered against buildings though. You can level most houses with one short burst.

I've noticed this as well. Unless the grenade lands on their toes it has no effect. Fragmentation or a larger splash damage would be great. This may just be due to the Alpha though but still worth mentioning.

I disagree, all you have to do is point the weapon in the general direction of enemies and they all die because of the weapons high rate of fire

GOATier, you shouldn't have to fire 2-3+ grenades at someone to kill them. It's extremely unrealistic and a waste of ammo that seems to always be extremely limited.

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