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Unable to shoot while moving underwater
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Why is the player only allowed to use his weapon while beeing static? I see no reason why player and AI Divers shouldn´t have the ability to shoot while diving to the front, to the sides, or backwards. The fire should be very imprecise while doing that but it should be possible. This would make underwater firefights more dynamic and intersting.


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probably because you use your arms for stability when swimming or diving. the offset kicking of you legs will cause you to invert and the other way around to. either that or you will violently rock side to side, you try aiming a weapon while you are constantly rolling over.

and who wants to fire inaccurately with a weapon that has an effective range of 30m-50m. it would almost be an obsolete feature.

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Have you actually tried firing a weapon underwater?
This isn't Battlefield/CoD.

@Lokyi, have you? I guess not.
@Scorpion, no you won´t. You can maintain your stability with your fins.

It is perfectly possible to shoot while moving IRL, so why shouldn´t I be able to do this Ingame?

There should be a possibility of at least shooting while swimming forward.
Of course it should be imprecise and you shouldn't be able to use sights for aiming but enough to provide some kind of "underwater suppressive fire".

Divers already can swim without using their hands while holding the weapon and just pointing it forward while squeezing the trigger won't break the realism or anything.

IRL divers that film underwater life have to deal with much heavier weight of a camera and we are talking small firearm here.

I agree with this feature. Also we should be allowed to reload while moving under water.

Seriously, who downvoted this must be 10 years old and have never take a swam. THIS IS A SIMULATOR FFS! It must be realistic, and there is nothing that blocks you from shooting underwater while moving.

Well whoever downvoted this certainly never went for a real dive..

why when someone doesn't like a suggestion or idea they immediately say... "this isn't Battlefield, bro, or this isn't Call of DUTY... NO DUHHHH...

I voted this up I don't see why you cant shoot while swimming just like walking .. or combat jogging... Same with reloading, you can move while you reload on land why not be able to flip your fins and swim away while you reload, or to the side.. or what have you..

to say that this concept is stupid or far fetched .. well, is downright foolish..

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