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Go in chopper while flying.
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Hello, there is a but while you go in chopper when he fly and don't move.
When you drive in, there is a possibility that you man die and the game don't see you as die. But for you, you are in the chopper, but you are out ... {F17349} {F17350} {F17351} {F17352} {F17353}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Fly low altidude without moving
Be kicked or other (i don't know if die work)
Try you get in as pilot
And fly away of your vehicle !

Additional Information

You see the ground and you ... but far !

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Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

If so, please make video (by Fraps or other program), upload it on some sharing server and post link here. Thank you.

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i dont get it, but if you mean that after you kill a pilot and then try to steal his chopper, it may be because the chopper is damaged

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i don't really know if it work again, but, the bug appear when one player kill me when i was auto hover, then, the player get banned for teamkill, so, the chopper still fly, and i could go in. then when i mount in, the bug appear.
I'll test it with my brother this week end.

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I dont play in MP so i cant tell, but if a pilot get killed with autohover on, its normal if the chopper stay still, that's how it works in real life, just because the pilot dies doesn't mean the chopper must fall.