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No signs of wounds after been shot except of UGGH, UGGH...
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After I've been shot, I do not see any boold on model just hear "UGGH", "UGGH" sound. Also, I'm unable to apply medic kit or heal myself.


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To heal yourself, make sure you've got a MedKit in your inventory, and use the mouse wheel to select "Heal Myself" while outside of the inventory screen.

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I have medkit, however I'm unable to open heal menu neither by [] nor by mouse wheel. Basically, there is no "heal" option in menu.

I think First Aid Kits and Medkits are separate things. Only medics can use Medkits, while FAKs are like the new Bandages.

not certain if you already know this ^"Uncertain"^ but FAK is (first aid kit not bandage (if you already knew then my bad)), and yes i think only medics can use the medkits either that or it is only for healing people other than yourself.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.