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Everytime i join a wasteland server i get a sound error message.
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Everytime i join a wasteland server and get ingame i get a sound error message, but i am abel to just click OK and then continue to play. Sound and everything seems to work properly anyways


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Join a wasteland server

Get ingame

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I know this isnt a great issue but it is just a little annoying. Could be the wasteland mod problem though.

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This is not an Arma 3 issue most likely. The version of wasteland out now has only been roughly ported from A2. Expect a more stable version from the creator of the mission further down the road, when it's written directly for A3 (and the game is stable, rather than alpha/beta release).

Was guessing something like that, thanks for the info

You refer to sound counter not found? That is a sound from A2 that is used in Wasteland, and does not exist in A3. Server admins can easily fix that by editing the mission and either remove class Counter in CfgSounds(usually in description.ext) OR grabbing the sound file from A2(or another sound to replace it) and edit the class accordingly. To remove the sound you also need to remove the code where it plays it, just search the mission for "counter".

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We are very sorry, we do not guarantee that user generated content such as mods, scripts, maps etc. will work all time during development of the game. It is up to users themselves to make sure their work is 100% compatible with current version of the game.

We thank you for reporting this issue, but try contacting author of this content to fix it.