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Multiplayer in pirate version of ArmA 3 Alpha..
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Everyone, who download ArmA 3 Alpha as pirate version can play multiplayer (Internet and LAN) for free.


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Probably not in BE protected servers.
Also, this is the 20th damn report about this !!!

First of all how do you know that second of all glimpsing over this fact Bohemia are most likely aware of this unfortunately pirates will be pirates if Bohemia went after them all we wouldn't get arma 3 because of all the legal battle ps: may get harder for them when battle eye is enabled

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There you go Kid18120 lol XD

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DRM and BE is probably not yet functional in arma 3 alpha if this is the case.

edit: im sure it will come when the games closer to being finished

Thanks for copy-pasting the 20th time the same stuff for me :P

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Okay guys, I'm sorry for next repeat this bug, but I'm really angry when I see on server chat: "Download arma 3 from thepiratebay, its free!"

I hope, ArmA 3 in beta version will have many Protectors.
Thanx for reply!

i know that feel, we all do.
But just think they will always and only be able to play alpha and maybe beta. Release version not for sure, they didn't manage to do it in older version ;)

its kk the jokes on them because if they keep pirating there all going to go to jail america is cracking down and so are some European countries jokes on them jokes on them

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Arma 2 and Arma 3 is worth buying and so is supporting Bohemia. :)

Guys, we really know about this. No need for more similar reports. Thank you.Closing