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Getting stuck sitting on the ground due to an animation
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When you press the option to enter a vehicle and someone manages to get in it before your animation stops you get stuck sitting on the ground and can't get up or do anything except for spinning on the spot.(This happened in multiplayer with a littlebird getting full. {F17251}


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Have 1 seat free on a vehicle. (Or try to get into the same seat with another player[not sure if this one works]) have 2 or more players press the option to sit on to that seat and the bug should occur to those players who don't manage to get in.

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Happened to me on the littlebird aswell.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build. Thank you.

Yes, I can still do it. It works both in singleplayer with the help of AI and in the multiplayer. I took a picture where I was trying to get into a pilot seat and pressed the button to do so just before the AI got in and made me get stuck in the ground. Also I couldn't find a way to get up from the ground.

Ok I came back to this issue and managed to reproduce it with the help of the AI and the transport MH-9. Tried to do it with the Hunter but was unable so I'd say it only happens with the MH-9. I also made the MH-9 depart but the character would still be there sitting like in the picture not being affected by the helicopter that somehow took off trough the soldier.
I tried this in the dev branch 1.41.129406 and I believe it also works in the stable version.