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FPS Problem
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Well thats a pretty nasty thing i think its all about optimalization cos when i start the game multi/single on map even with max units on it my game have like 40-50 fps for me its ok since i have not the newest machine but... the longer i play the lower FPS i get at the start is like 50 fps in half game 25 and at the end of my gameplay (not mission) 10 or even 5... i restart game completly and i again have 50 fps :D

I olny know that it could be bcos of my 32 bit system since 64 is faster although im not sure if it happens also on 64 bit since i play with my friend and his 64 bit system dont have such problems, the best way to avoid it is "lol buy new pc" but im not able to afford it. I just hope there will be release in short time good optimalization for 32 bit systems


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Well u need to have 32 bit system anyway, enter the game play some time and see how game slowers from your max fps to almost zero

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Im sending my DxDiag :)

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happens on 64bit too, if it makes you feel better.

It also heppens with me as well! (64Bit)

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