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Smaller objects can be harder to pick up
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Certain objects such as scopes and weapon attachments in general can be very
difficult to pick up if there the only thing on the floor.

Sometimes its fine other times you just stand there moving your mouse very slowly hoping for the pick-up symbol which by the way gets really hard with the enemy shooting at you


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drop some attachments when in cover or behind a tree or sometimes just on the ground then watch your friend stumble about for the next 5 minutes trying to pick up the attachment.

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Instead of looking at it and mousewheel > gear try pressing 'I'

yeh same issue buddy we tried everything it just wont detect its there the radius around it is very small as well and when ur getting shot at moving from side to side so u can press i and see the ground object in the menu is not ideal but thanks for the suggestion

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.