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The rear gun's fire rate seems off on the Speedboat HMG
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The Mk30 .50cal HMG fires at an amazingly slow rate on the speedboat and especially compared to the gmg on the front, to the point that they feel like they are flipped, and it also slower than all the other HMGs and GMGs and LMGs that i can find in the game currently including the RCWS 12.7mm HMG which is also a .50cal HMG. I don't know if this was a design choice but at the moment it doesn't really feel like an MG and it should probably be boosted to at least the level of the Arma 2 M2 browning .50cal.


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spawn the speedboat HMG and an ifrit HMG and compare the different weapons

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The RPM should be closer to the XM312 than the M2HB. The project was dropped, partially because of the weapon's slow rate of fire. Well, meanwhile in another universe... :)

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OMG, another manager, I thought only astaroth was a manager!

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.

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Just a quick note - the weapon is subject to adjustments for balancing other than rate of fire (e.g. handling, stabilization...)