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Miniguns and damage
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KA60 Gau minigun does basicly next to no damage to other vehicles , you need to shoot a littlebird like 500 bullets and im not sure if it even does anything then.

Also miniguns seem to lack power / damage / splash / spread , you need to hit infantry straight on to kill them , shouldn't there be some splash / spread so they would die or get wounded when you shoot quite near them , since of the high RPM.

Here is a video of helicopter minigun , notice how it wreks vehicles fast & has that powerful feel to it .

that should shred the infantry but atm it lacks the power / feel , only straight hits count.


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those are unarmoured civilian cars, the minigun use 7.62, the same as the infantry machine gun ingame so there should be not be splash damage or insane vehicel damage to armoured cars. the "explosion" or splash you see at the start is just the tracer in the end of the bullet flying apart. you can so in the very video you posted that it fires in a straight direct line so spread would only sacrife realism for making it easier for beginers

Actually those guns do have a spread. Recoil does automaticly creates some sort of spread and in Arma2 it was implemented quite well on the doorguns of Blackhawks.

Also trough the high rate of fire, this spread acts like a shotgun, compensating for bad aim possibilities (aim by tracers).

I fired over a thousand bullets at the LB, with no effect.. It seems like the minigun is effective against buildings though

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