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Vehicles exploding when ramming
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While driving car towards another car they most times exploded , shouldn't there be some cosmetic damage & smoke from engine maybe .


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Good catch. I'd love to see a proper damage model that would make the vehicles look like a wreck without explosion the if the collision damage was remarkable.

The severity is too high though, it should be minor because it doesn't break/crash the game.

Should all be relevant by size and speed. I think they may blow up a little too easy right now as well. It really is a tricky fine line to warrant an vehicle exploding. I can see if you hit the gas tank and that set it off. but a direct front blow should cripple the car without it blowing up. Side hits are more prone to fuel tanks blowing up and rear end car accidents.

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Direct impact to fuel tank does not result in explosion.

In general, vehicle damage model is "Hollywoody." Individual parts should get damaged, not vehicle as a whole. In reality, a lot of time goes into making sure that vehicles are safe and do not catch fire or EXPLODE at a slightest jolt.

Of course, only catalyst of fire is the fuel, but it's the vapor that burns. In case of diesel (most of military transport is powered by it), a fairly high temperature is required to set it off.

Explosions are completely unreasonable with civilian or unarmed vehicles.

Other helicopter reference:

Maybe the vehicles in arma 3 are supposed to be hybrid electric vehicles with large lithium-ion batteries or hydrogen fuel cells and those are what are exploding, probably not.

Agreed. Up-voted.

I agree that there this should be fixed for all vehicles, upcoming too
more proof that things don't just explode in collisions, if required:
Warning: It has blood in it, but no fatalities!

Either way this shows that things don't just explode on collisions and thus helicopters/planes in the future shouldn't just explode on contact with trees.

jejn added a comment.Apr 3 2013, 5:31 PM

upvoted. also see mythbusters for the results of various car mistreatments.

Yeah I agree with this... Its pretty stupid that the vehicles explode upon contact, and especially in such a dramatic way. Half the time it is funny to watch when a vehicle tries to spawn on top of another one and the resulting catastrophic explosion takes out a bunch of people, it just isn't really that great to play with.

The second one live vehicle contacts another, its pretty much lights out for both.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.