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Blurry tunnel vision after diver jumps in water from helicopter.
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Basically it goes like this. I was in a multiplayer game with two others and one of them was a diver.He boarded the helicopter and we took off. I put the helicopter in auto-hover at low altitude above the water so that the "Get Out" option shows up for the diver so he can jump in the water.After he hits the water i (the pilot) get a blurry tunnel vision almost and can't see where i am going.

We tried it two times and both times i got the blurry tunnel vision. {F17199}


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In a multiplayer game. Get a helicopter (littlebird), the other person (diver) sits on the skid. Go above water and hover at about the altitude where the "get out" option is available for the diver to get out and jump in the water.After he is in the water, blurry tunnel vision occurs for the player that is the pilot.

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How long is this vision? For some seconds it could be correct.

I had the same issue, and it was permanent


Would be good if it was for like a second or two (some kind of stress or something like it for the jump) but then should just fade to normal vision !

EDIT: Sorry, misread OP. Actually there should be no black tunneling for the pilot !!!

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Ah okay. Misread too! No black tunnel for the pilot.

There is... I dropped a friend of in water and dipped the skids a little. I instantly got the tunnel vision for reasons unknown. I guess the game thought I damaged the helo and got injured or something.

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Yes, i forgot to mention that the tunnel vision persists until you land and get out of the helicopter, which is difficult to do with most of your vision obstructed by this weird effect.

From what I can tell it's completely independent of the divers. It's actually the "drowning" filter that get's applied when part of the helicopter touches the water. Simplest way to recreate it is to auto-hover and descend until the skids touch the water, then take off again and the effect kicks in a few seconds later. The only way I found to get rid of it is to land the helicopter.

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Yeah, i figured it out eventually. I explained exactly how it happened in my case.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #1095