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Mk200 Suppressor Spinning
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When shooting the Mk200 automatic rifle with a suppressor attached, the suppressor spins. I'll be adding a note below with a link to a video of this happening shortly.

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Version: 0.5.102571


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Something similar and yet different (but may be the same issue) happens to other attachments like flashlight: they move slightly different than the gun itself, so they look a bit "unattached" to the gun; when your character idles, the gun moves, and the flaslight/laser seems to "lagg behind" slightly.

Only tried with the MX Series and flashlight extension.

The suppressor on the opfor machinegun(mk200) spins round as it fires, a suppressed Blufor autorifle(MXSW) will be locked into semi automatic fire mode and any grenade launchers will play a suppressed shot sound when the rifle they're attached to is suppressed.

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