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Cant defuse explosive charge
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Showcase: vehicles
i put explosive charge on the ground accidentally and i just cant take it back, i try restart mission and put it again on the ground, only options are blow it or set timer running. It would be nice to defuse bombs if needed.

Normal rifleman should not be capable to defuse bombs i hope, engineer and those who use bombs should have option to defuse i think, so we maintain different weapon specialist.


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Were you an engineer with a tool kit?

i know there is not tool kit in gear, how to figure out what kind soldier they put in this mission "Showcase: vehicles" what is third singleplayer mission in arma 3 alpha?

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The ability to do that was added in OA a year or so ago around 1.6 so it might be in or it might be coming in later for the Engis.

Found it, it was group leader, that's why cant defuse bomb on the ground.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 7:44 PM

So it's fixed then so they can lose it or....?

just give players the ability to pickup their own bombs without any need of kits.. since they might accidentally put a bomb on the ground.

That defies the idea of having the tools/being an engineer.

A unit must be an explosive specialist (in terms of config parameters have flag "canDeactivateMines" true) and have an item called "toolKit".

A normal soldier (including team leader) can set the explosive, touch it off, set timer, but cannot deactivate once set charge. For deactivation of any explosive you must use explosive specialist, sorry.

This is considered a feature and will not be changed in A3.