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5Rnd_127x108_Mag, initSpeed is too high.
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Initial velocity of the bullets fired from this magazine is much too high. The 12.7x108mm fired from the Gepard series rifles should be closer to 860 m/s, at most in the low 900 m/s range. 1114 m/s is much too fast for this cartridge and would be impossible without resorting to another more powerful cartridge, or substantial changes such as flechette rounds.


class 5Rnd_127x108_Mag : CA_Magazine {

		scope = public;
		displayName = "$STR_A3_CfgMagazines_5Rnd_127x108_Mag0";
		picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\UI\M_5rnd_127x108_CA.paa";
		count = 5;
		ammo = "B_127x108_Ball";
		initSpeed = 1114;
		sound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 31.6228, 1, 1600};
		reloadMagazineSound[] = {"A3\sounds_f\dummysound", 0.01, 1, 10};
		descriptionShort = "$STR_A3_CfgMagazines_5Rnd_127x108_Mag1";
		mass = 10;



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Inspect config.bin in weapons_f folder.

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It's the year 2025, details like this can be overlooked with simple explanation.

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Goose added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:35 AM

There's no reason not to correct it: it's only a tiny config tweak, and would take very little effort to correct. Simply type in the correct muzzle velocity for the Gepard Lynx and it would be fixed.

Upon more research, the correct muzzle velocity for the Lynx bullpup is about 780 m/s. The game has it firing almost 1,100 feet-per-second faster than in real life!

I want to see the correct capabilities for weapons in ArmA 3.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.