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Breathing/Heart beats
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Noticing all these complaints of people wanting HUD in a game which isn't really about HUD.

Instead of that how about auditory indications, heavy breathing if you're in a standing variant stance and or wounded. The higher you are stance wise the louder your breathing/heart beat would be while wounded/fatigued.


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More immersion, less HUD, everyone's happy and everyone wins, except for in Vegas.

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Implementing this as a feature would remove the need for some problems which people have requested a HUD for.

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If i'm reading the suggestion right, that would only make a difference in instances where you're wounded. If you had harder breathing in general in different stances, that would still become confusing as the distinction between low/tired and high/normal would become blurred. The problem here is that technology as it is can't impart impulses on our musculature. We can take in visual and audio queues and that's about it. A hud indicator acts as a replacement for your ability to feel your muscular changes.
Now then, I will say this: I believe HUD options should be client side, not server side (when moving up, not down that is). What i mean by this is anyone should be able to join a casual server etc and switch their HUD elements/3rd person off to immerse themselves deeper, but strict milsim servers should be able to enforce the high restriction they have. essentially, servers should only be able to set a minimum limit to HUD elements, but not an exact/maximum value. Things tend to be less black and white this way, and most (if not all) people will be able to cater their settings to their tastes. In general, If you agree with that statement, I'll refer you to another report somebody made on the topic so you can support that claim (should you agree with it, of course).

Good point about not being wounded, seeing as I seem to have forgotten the part about being fatigued, although if you're not fatigued or wounded it may cause a problem, however people can always look down to get an idea.

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