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No indication of currently-selected "tab" on Options pages
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In the Options display - e.g. Video Options, there are multiple "tabs" - in the case of "Video", for example, there are "Basic", "Rendering" and "Quality". When you click on a tab, it "pulses", but once you move the focus to other controls on the page, the "pulse" stops, and you have no feedback as to which page you are on.

*Very* minor issue, but the currently-selected "tab" should probably have a different colour to provide feedback as to which one is selected.


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Menu UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Options menu
  2. Select Video Options
  3. Select "Rendering" tab
  4. Change "Antialiasing" setting
  • Now no indication of which tab you are currently viewing.
Additional Information

Once you are a little familiar with the Options tabs, it is an unimportant issue, but since the Options pages are probably one of the very first things a user accesses, you can momentarily feel a little lost. I mention it because it is one of those little bits of polishing that can influence a player's first impressions of the product.

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