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Tyres of Hunter HMG are not resistant to gunshot damage
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The tyres of Hunter HMG are not very resistant to gunshot damage, you can destroy a tyre with a couple of pistol shots. They should be much more resistant against gunshot damage (other damage types not tested).


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Shoot the tyres of Hunter HMG with pistol.

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Agreed, being an MRAP I would think it would have somewhat bullet-resistant tires.

I read on Wikipedia it can drive for 30 miles at 30 mph with two of its tires shot out, and that it has special run-flat tires. I don't think the tires would simply "pop!" and disappear from a few bullets.

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The military vehicles tend to have new-generation tyres that are very resistant against gunshot damage already (check this video, so I think that we can expect the tyres to be at least as resistant as in the video in 2035. :P

i think it should depend on how the bullet impacts

for example a bullet shot directly at the tire will not cause much damage or deflation but if you scrape the bullet across the surface of the tire it would tear a huge hole in the tire and would deflate or even pop the tire.

They're supposed to be small-arms resistant run-flats. They currently are not.

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The tires dont seem to be to resistant to much of enything at all i had someone pop both their front tires after lightly taping a wall.

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