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Explosives are undestroyable
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Claymore cant be triggered by shooting.
Explosives cant be triggered by grenade.
APERS explosives dont have enough power to trigger explosives next to them.


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Making the explosives destroyable would be very nice and affect the gameplay quite a lot actually! For example, one can make himself impossible-to-engage target now by spamming the mines to e.g. near ladders if he was on roof. I think that they use e.g. .50 cal snipers to destroy explosives and mines IRL too!

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Although this was a feature in arma2 (i think)it is not realistic, most modern explosives do not explode when shot. Think about it, a bullet is only a small piece of lead and does not ignite (unless it is a incendiary or tracer round) so if this were a truly realistic simulator then i would expect only incendiary or maybe even tracer rounds to cause an explosive outcome.

as for throwing a grenade at a mine i don't really know.

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Well scorpion, i do agree that bullets shouldn't make most explosives explode, though i do feel that a grenade, or any other sort of explosive should make mines/claymores, etc explode

I emptied a whole magazine on a sea mine, and nothing happened, I even aimed at the triggers.

Current state is that you can trigger by shooting all APERS and similar mines (except Claymore) even AT mine, but grenades still dont trigger anything. So I will modify this issue for better reflection of problem.