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Backpacks do not stack in crates
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When placing backpacks in a crate they do not stack. So if I place 20 of any kind of backpack in a crate I will get 20 groups instead of 1 instance of the backpack with the number 20 next to it.


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Place backpacks into a crate via script

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This issue doesn't really apply all the time, since packs on the ground or in containers can have items in them, but for identical empty packs, agreed that they should stack. After all, who DOESN'T want to have a crate with 500 backpacks in it, right? >.>

Definitely agreed. Backpacks with no items in them should be stacked. If you've scripted a crate to supply an entire platoon, who wants to scroll through a massive list of single rucks to find one they want?

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

A design decision is that all containers (such as backpacks, vests, uniforms) will not stack anywhere, no matter if they contain something or are empty. This rule is simple and error-prone.

The rules when to stack them seem simple, but are code-inefficient. If you place 500 backpacks in a create, then you get indeed 500 items in the "crate" list.

If it was stacking, you get a mess of some backpacks stacked (because they are empty) and some not (because they contain different items), next player asks why all containers are not stacking and we get nowhere...

Try to live with it.

This issue can be reviewed if you mention a real game-braking situation, when the stacking is essential.