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SDAR Dual Purpose round disappears after ~45m when above water
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When firing the SDAR above water with the dual purpose rounds, the bullet vanishes after about 45m. Granted the underwater ammo won't have great range above water, but it should not just vanish.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a playable diver in the editor
  • Load in and fire at a building (or any target) with the Dual Purpose ammo while <40m away, then back up past 45 meters and fire again.

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I agree.

The sdar 5.56 underwater gun ( diver ) need to be able to fire more than 30-40m above water.

I think the underwater gun need to be able to have a range of max 200m above water, for it to be of much use in the game.

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There is no issue. This is simply a limitation of the dual-purpose ammunition.

You're given mags of regular bullets for a reason. Use those when fighting on land.

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There is an issue in that the bullets DISAPPEAR. They aren't just super inaccurate as they should be, they just disappear. And up until that ~45m it's still relatively accurate, which it shouldn't be.

Yes the DP ammo is only usefull for underwater and really close CQB.

It is most likely that the bullets have a short "lifetime=" flag, as setting this makes them vanish after X seconds in Arma1+2+OA.

It could've been done by using higher bullet drop/less initspeed, but then the engine might behave differently and they might not work underwater at all.

Bohemia: Why not include additionally to "airfriction", a flag "waterfriction" or "waterfrictionmult" or something. That'll make them bullets behave differently on water, you could e.g. slow them down more on land than in water to reduce effectiveness without the awkward "poof-vanishing".

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I made a topic similar to this and was bashed for some reason....

For a bullet to be of any use underwater it must sustain a cavitation around itself to eliminate drag. A wadcutter could do this but would not be accurate and range is still greatly reduced. The US military had an experimental round intended for submarine hunting but I cannot find any details on it. It was fired from a helicopter mounted cannon. It was a sabot round and I do not recall any limitations outside of the water.

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I'm not entirely sure how the SDAR is supposed to work as it's modeled after a standard (not underwater) rifle, but the APS (the old Russian underwater rifle) was smooth bore, and the rounds where stabilized by hydrodynamic effects. However given that the APS fires giant bolts, and the SDAR has a normal sized magazine, I assume it operates on different principles.

I'm guessing it's more likely that it is supposed to operate similar to the new ADS rifle/round that the Russians are making.

Either way the bullet shouldn't disappear.

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