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FPS is terrible on Good PC
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I use a Computer running an AMD Bulldozer 8-core 8150, 8GB of Ram and a GTX 560 Nvidia Graphics card. More that enough to run BF3 on Ultra at 50FPS and it is more graphics intensive than Arma 3. However on arma 3 I get just 21 Fps on relatively low setting and without even doing much in-game or recording. I really hope you can optimize this as the choppy game play makes it nasty to look at and play.


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A) This is Alpha, day 2.
B) BF3 is tiny, ArmA 3 is pretty big.
C) only 4 of the cores are being used at any one time
D) BF3 is at it's post release version, Alpha is far from release.

A lot of people are having problems other than those running a 3770K & 670.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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