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Intense firefights produce very bad quality sound
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Immediately after initiating a few soldiers to open fire on the enemy. The sounds of the rifles firing sound like super high cracking noises and just straight garbage sounding audio.


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Make a squad of about 5+ and have them open fire all near each other.

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Increase the 'Sound Samples' number under audio options.

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Thanks, I will try this fix when I get the chance.

I did that from the moment I started the game. Still have the same issue.

kaner added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 6:37 AM

put my samples to 136 or w/e the highest was. works fine now.

I am having the same issue in massive firefights (20v20 or so) too many guns being fired causes the audio to crack, I have tried increasing the sound samples to max and it still persists

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yeah, it will still get to a point if enough action is going on, the sound will go to shit for a little bit

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.