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Soldiers can talk on radio while underwater
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doesn't seem realistic pulling out the map and call a strike, while being underwater wearing a rebreather
same goes for underwater chatter like "Mine spotted!"


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dive down
open the map
call the artillery strike

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We now have the ability to communicate with each other and use the radio while in shallow water. So the ability to call for fires is realistic today, so I would assume it would be very doable in the year 2035.

it's also possible now but not in the way it is displayed ingame

there is no damping to the voice or anything, he just shouts as if he is on land.
try mumbling clear commands with a rebreather between your teeth ;)

Modern rebreathers don't have anything "between your teeth" ;)
They use a sealed full face mask, that allows you to use radio underwater.

In ArmA3, if you look close, the rebreather has a mask of the type similar to fighter pilot's one.

/downvoted (if anything, there should be some sound occlusion effect for the voice)

Even if it is possible, there should be some limitations, like max depth allowed or max range to the receiving unit. I expect more than just visual improvements over Arma 2.

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