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Engine Sounds "unnatural"
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The Sound of the Engine of I think every car is a little bit unnatural especially when changing the gear.
The sound changes abrupt from High-RPM Sound to Low-RPM Sound, when it is changing the gear.
I think the RPM Sound should go down and not from High-RPM directly to Low-RPM.


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Just Drive. Not too slow, with any car straight ahead pressing "W"

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I've noticed this as well in the pickup and the Ifrit.

This seems to be prevalent in ArmA 2 as well. I think having just one set of noises for acceleration would probably fix it. (As in not having a noise for each gear which sounds unnatural)

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We thank you for your feedback. Sounds should be better in current Development Build but sounds are still work in progress and we're trying to make them more realistic and generaly better.